My Story


Hi, my name is Chance Lauren Isler-Alexander and I am thirteen years old. My father was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer when I was in second grade. His cancer went away and then it came back. On January 24, 2018, my dad passed away when I was in the fourth grade.  

At that time, I wasn’t sure of how to handle my feelings and I struggled with grief, social relationships, not knowing how to deal with my feelings, not wanting to talk and share my feelings with my family and friends, because I didn’t know how. 


Grief is a very hard process, and a lot of kids, including myself don’t know how to handle it. My sister, mom and I saw the need to help kids that are grieving. P.S. I Miss You…What’s Your Story? was created to help kids, who are often left out of the grieving process.


Children are expected to return to school, follow the rules, participate in class, take test and be a model student at school.  Children aren't provided bereavement leave, a moment to gather their thoughts, a friend they can talk too during class when they just need to cry or a tight hug.  

The day my father passed, everyone came to our home to share their condolences with my mom, called her day and night, sat with her, sent her cards and flowers to show her how much they cared.


Children have bedtimes, can't drive to another child's home or call them in the middle of the night to check on them. Did I mention that children are left out of the grieving process.

The items in the boxes we make are made to help a child and to remind them that they are not alone. These boxes also come with a personalized letter from me. 


So far, this business has made me feel very proud of myself, because it feels good to know that I am helping other children that are going through the same thing as me. If you are wondering what the “What's Your Story” part means, it means that everyone has their own unique story. 

Chance Lauren